The Library and Reading Room

In the1890’s, one of the stated purposes of the Society was “the establishment of a reading room and library devoted to” military history.

This was accomplished when the Cadet Armory was built (as is described under the origins and background of the Society. The reading room and library were maintained until the Armory was sold in the 1960’s. The library collection is now on permanent loan to the Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center.

Up until about WWI, the Society published some fourteen volumes of the papers which had been presented at meetings (including many first-hand accounts of Civil War battles).

The present Board of Directors of the MHSM would like to re-establish the tradition but in a modernized form, a virtual reading room and library in cyberspace, which can be available to interested parties anywhere in the world.

In addition to papers presented to the Society at meetings, we would hope to receive papers from nonmembers as well. Many people have interesting material to present but no place to publish it. Interested authors may contact the MHSM for further information. The Society assumes no responsibility for custody, receipt, or errors arising out or media submitted and does not offer compensation to submitters.