Officers & Directors

Robert Gold

President and Director
Business Entrepreneur
Military Historian

John Warner, MHSM

John Warner

Vice President & Director
Archivist of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

J.C. Johnson, MHSM

John C. Johnson

Secretary and Director
Manager of Digital Archival Resources
Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center
Boston University

Bill Wood, MHSM

William Wood

Treasurer and Director
Colonel, US Army (Retired)

James Wiegel, MHSM

James Wiegel

Assistant Treasurer and Director
Executive Vice President
Wellesley Investment Advisors, Inc.
Colonel, US Army (Retired)

Gene Kopelson

Gene Kopelson

Historian and Radiation Oncologist

Paul Lawton

Attorney, Shipwreck Diver
Naval & Maritime Historian

George Kouchakadjian

Combat Photographer 4th Infantry Vietnam 1967-1969 Insurance Executive

Alan Rieper

Career Electronic Security Analyst
Eagle Scout
Captain, US Navy (Retired)

David Hruban

Immediate Past President/Non-Voting Member
Construction Audit Manager
Boston University
First Sergeant, US Army (Retired)