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Captain Gustauvus V. Fox (late Asst Sec of Navy)

To become a member of the Society:

Submit your application online to the Society with payment by credit card, or

Download the Membership Form and submit your application to the Society via mail along with a check for the appropriate fee to:

Membership Committee
Military Historical Society of Massachusetts
P.O. Box 308, State House,
Boston, MA 02133

Prospective members must be sponsored by a current member of the Association. If you wish to apply for membership and do not have a sponsor, you are still invited to apply.

Your application will be evaluated by the Membership Committee and the Board of Directors and you will be notified of the determination. If membership is rejected for any reason, your check will be returned to you or credit card payment will be refunded back to your card.

Membership Information

As with the Society’s founder John Codman Ropes, members are not required to be veterans. The membership rolls list many “Civilians” such as Ropes and Senator Henry Cabot Lodge alongside veterans such as General William T. Sherman, General Joshua L. Chamberlain, Lieutenant General James Longstreet, Assistant Secretary of the Navy Gustavus V. Fox, Admiral George Dewey, and General George C. Marshall to name a few.

The Society grew rapidly after its founding in 1876. Below is the first complete membership list available from a booklet published in 1879.

Members Living in the Boston Area
Amory, Lieut C W 2nd Mass Cav
Appleton, Bvt Captain Nathan 5th Mass Batt
Bowditch, Bvt Maj Gen William F. USV
Crowninshield, Bvt Col Benjamin J. 1st Mass Cav
Curtis, Bvt Brig Gen Greeley S. 1st Mass Cav
Devens, Jr., Maj Gen Charles USV
Dodge, Bvt Col Theodire USA
Driver, Bvt Lieut Col William R . USV
Edmands, Bvt Col Thomas F. 24th Mass Inf
Fairchild, Asst Paymaster Charles USN
Folson, Jr., Bvt Colonel Charles W. USV
Gordon, Bvt Maj Gen Charles H. USV
Gray, Jr., Major John C USV
Haven, Jr., Lieut Col Franklin 2nd Cal. Cav
Higginson, Captain Francis L. 5th Mass Cav
Higginson, Bvt Lieut Col Henry L. 1st Mass Cav
Homans, Asst Surgeon John USN & USA
Horton, Bvt Lieut Col Charles P. USV
Lathrop, Captain John 35th Mass Inf
Livermore, Colonel Thomas l. 18th NH Inf
Lyman, Lieut Col George H. USA
Lyman, Colonel Theodore ADC to MG Geo. Meade
Mason, Bvt. Major Herbert C. 20th Mass Inf
Milton, Captain Richard S 9th Mass Batt
Osborn, Bvt Brig Gen Francis W. 24th Mass Inf
Palfrey, Bvt. Brig Gen Francis W. 20th Mass Inf
Palfrey, Bvt. Brig Gen John C USA
Peirson, Bvt. Brig Gen Charles L. 39th Mass Inf
Perkins, Captain William E 2nd Mass Inf
Porter, Bvt. Brig Gen Samuel A. USA
Quincy, Bvt. Brig Gen Samuel M. 2nd Mass Inf
Robins, Bvt. Captain Edward B. 20th Mass Inf
Rockwell, Bvt Brig Gen Alfred P. 6th Conn Inf
Ropes, John C.
Russell, Bvt Brig Gen Henry S. 5th Mass Cav
Stackpole, Bvt Lieut Col J. Lewis USV
Stevenson, Bvt Brig Gen Robert H. 24th Mass Inf
Stockton, Bvt Captain Howard USA
Swan, Bvt Lieut Col William W USA
Thayer, Captain George A. 2nd Mass Inf
Weld, Bvt Brig Gen Stephen M .56th Mass Inf
Whittier, Bvt Brig Gen Charles A. 19th Inf USA
Corresponding Members living outside the Boston Area
Anderson, Colonel Archer CSA
Barlow, Maj Gen Francis C USV
Brown, Henry Armitt
Corse, Bvt Maj Gen John M .USV
Dewey, Commander George USN
Ernst, Captain Oswald USA
Fairchild, Brig Gen Lucius USA
Fox, Captain Gustavus V. late Assist.Sec of Navy
Gaither, Captain George R. 1st VA Cav
Greene, Bvt Maj Gen George S. USV
Hancock, Maj Gen Winfield Scott USA
Hotchkiss, Bvt Major Jed. CSA
Howard, 1st Lieut McHenry CSA
Hubbell, 1st Lieut Henry W. USA
Humphreys, Bvt Maj Gen A.A. USA (Chief of Engineers)
Jones D.D., Rev J. William CSA
Longstreet, Lieut Gen James CSA
McCabe, Captain W. Gordon CSA
McDowell, Maj Gen Irvin USA
Meigs, Bvt Maj Gen M.C. USA (Quartermaster General)
Newhall, Bvt Colonel Fred C. USA
Nicholson, Bvt Lieut Col John P. USV
Le Comte de Paris
Parke, Bvt Maj Gen John G. USA
Parker, Commodore Foxhall A. USN
Pelouze, Bvt Brig Gen L.H. USA
Rawle, Bvt Lieut Col Brooke 3rd Pa. Cav
Robins, Captain Richard 39th Inf USA
Shaw, Jr., Bvt Brig Gen James 7th USCT
Sherman, General William T USA
Townsend, Bvt Maj Gen E.D. USA (Adjutant General)
Venable, Lieut Col Charles S. CSA
Walker, Bvt Brig Gen Francis A. USV
Webb, Bvt Maj Gen Alexander S. USV
Wilmer, Lieut Skipwith CSA
Wilson, Maj Gen James H .USA
Zalinski, 1st Lieut Edmund L. 2nd NY H A
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