The 2018 Military Historical Society of Massachusetts ROTC Essay Contest

The Military Historical Society of Massachusetts (MHSM) hosted its annual leadership essay contest to recognize the top essay written by a Massachusetts ROTC Cadet.

A committee appointed by the MHSM, composed of three (3) qualified individuals judged all essays submitted. The top three rated essays in the state judged by the MHSM committee were given to the Chair, who then selected the final winner.

The scholarship and program donation will be awarded to the author and Command representatives at an MHSM luncheon to honor his or her accomplishment . The Awards Lunch will be held at the Union Club in Boston on April 26th.

The winning essay will be awarded a total sum of $4,000; $2,500 in the form of a scholarship check to the Cadet author and a $1,500 check for program funds to support the study of military history to the winning Cadet’s ROTC Program.

Essay Contest Winners

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2017 Winner- Cadet Eva Lisowski Essay: An Ordinary Hero

2016 Winner- Cadet Eric Koch Essay: American Spirit: The Yankee Division in the First World War

2015 Winner- Cadet Jocelyn Bly Essay: Mission Command: A Timeless Weapon

2014 Winner- Cadet James Kiefner Essay: Portrait of General Ulysses S. Grant (Un-titled essay)

2013 Winner- Cadet Daniel Silva Essay: From Revolution to Rapprochement | The War of 1812: The Causes, the War, the Legacy

2010 Winner- Cadet Garrett Brnger Essay: A War Fought from Both Sides: The ignored lessons of the American Revolution and their application to Vietnam

2009 Winner- Cadet William Mathews Essay: The Foreseeable Victory: A Justification for the Federal Use of Force in the Civil War

2008 Winner- Cadet Spencer Reese Essay: Washington’s Principle: Civil-Military Relations 1776-2008