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This page synchronizes the accounts in the membership directory with the accounts on the website. It has created accounts for all active and life members with the needed information in their membership records. It has removed accounts for those no longer active in the society.

Members without Accounts

The following 32 active member(s) have no accounts on the website because their membership profile has no membership number and/or email.

Allain, Michael S.
Baker, James W.
Campbell, Arthur A.
Chesson, Michael B. USNR
Cole III, Whitford R.
Connors, Robert D.
Cowan, John E.
Dolan, James B. USAR (Ret.)
Fletcher, Herbert L. MAMR (Ret.)
Fox, Francis H.
Gauvin, Raymond USNR (Ret.)
Haack, John R. USAFR(Ret.)
Hauck, Frederick
Hicks, Robert L
Keane, Paul F. USCGR (Ret.)
Kelsch, Stephanie S.
LaChapelle, Peter D.
Learson, John R.
Lee, Susan Marie USAR
MacLean, Jr., Roland R.
McDonough, Sean P.
McIntyre, Eileen W.
Millano, Joseph A.
Mitchell, John S.
Moore, John A.
Mungford, Peter F.
Rodgers, Cranston R.
Scalia, Joseph P.
Sigillo, Eric C.
Smith, Michael B. Ret.
Sweeney, Jerome V
Yates, John R. USMC (Ret.)
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